Monday, 8 June 2009


What to wear?

I'm hoping to return to work this year so I find myself for the first time in almost 4 years wondering what to wear to interviews? I'm finding it very hard to think beyond my usual daily choices of skinny jeans, converse and top or dress and gladiators if the sun is shining. I look and feel completely different to when I last went to work. My hair is shorter than it's ever been in a chin length bob rather than halfway down my shoulders and my body shape has completely changed (mostly in a good way.) My working wardrobe no longer exists. My last working look was maternity wear! I want to look together, composed but sassy and a little bit funky.

I like this look, but maybe it's a bit too everyday?

Image from Jigsaw

How do I pull together a look that will work for me? What do women wear to work these days? I won't be in the corporate world, so no Apprentice style suits needed thank god. What were they all thinking? Does a 26 year old really think that a polo neck and grey suit combo is the way to go? Or, heaven forbid a tie? Diane Keaton does boardroom!

More pondering and shopping needed.


  1. Good Morning lindsay---
    Its hard to get back into the working world after being home for awhile--especially the fasion/style part of it!!! I have been home for 14 years and I recently enrolled in graduate studies to be a highschool science teacher!! (I have 4 children!!) I really enjoyed reading your blog--I'm glad that you started again! (I have a blog too--I call it my non existant blog because I have yet to write a thing on it!! Its called a great weekend!! Jennifer

  2. Thanks Jennifer and good luck with your studies! You'll have to blog all about it, I'd love to read how you get on.

    I had my first meeting today about some freelance work and I wore a dress with a great abstract print, leggings, ballerines and a fab funky necklace. I felt good but did very dressed up and grown up in comparison to my usual look. But if the work does come in it'll be a good excuse (not that I need one) to go shopping!